Attention: Malaysian citizens! Here’s how to vote wisely this election!


Our National Parliament has been officially disbanded last April 7, 2018! According to external predictions, the voting day is expected to fall at the end of April. The 14th National Election is just around the corner. Are you ready to cast your votes? As a citizen of Malaysia, your vote really counts! Since it is expected that most of us will be voting this election, we have collected all the important things to note when we vote this coming election.

1. Determine the constituency!

Determining your voting area before the election is a very important part! The Malaysian Election Commission (SPR) will regularly update the electoral roll. The electors can check the polling location and the constituency by selecting the member’s website. Everyone can click –>, enter the ID and verification code and click SEMAK. The system will display your name, ID number, date of birth, gender, voting location, DUN, Parlimen, and state.

2. Remember to bring your IC while voting!

Please remember to bring your Big Mac (identity card) on the day of voting!

3. Observe proper attire when voting.

On the election day, voters remember to dress in a dignified manner. Do not wear logos, photographs relating to political parties, or political party T-shirts.

4. Inked fingers are allowed only to vote once.

The election committee reminds voters that on the day of voting, indelible ink are used in fingers of the voters to avoid voting more than once.

5. Pay attention to whether the ballot is damaged or not.

The Election Committee also reminded voters that if the ballot papers were found to have been damaged, missing corners, dirty, or had already been used, they could ask the head of the voting room to change their ballots.

6. Do not write on ballots!

Attention voters! Do not draw, sign, or write anything on the ballot!

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