Thousand Miles: Taking Malaysia’s Traveleisure by Storm!


Your job may fill your pockets but it will never amount to adventures than can fill your soul. That is why many of us choose to travel the world and we believe that traveling should be done comfortably.

Thousand Miles is taking Malaysia by storm with its genius revolutionary traveleisure essentials.

They aspire to be Malaysia’s first pioneering company to produce traveleisure wear that will be able to compete with international brands around the world. 

Why basics?

As fast-paced as life can be, we always turn to our basics because we can always count on them. Thousand Miles wants to make them even better by reinventing how our essentials should be designed and made. They’re focused on producing multipurpose products because why do you need 3 pairs of shorts for different activities when you can do all of them with just 1?

Their goal is to create basics that are not only extremely comfortable but also functional & extremely durable. These essentials will be able to withstand all kinds of activities for comfortable all-day wear and you can count on them to be a wardrobe staple for many years to come because basics will never go out of style. 

What sets Thousand Miles apart from mainstream brands?

Material & workmanship. Every product is made with the highest amount of precision and care to ensure that they are made to last. By spending more time on processes such as R&D and production, Thousand Miles uses what fast fashion brands perceive as a weakness to their advantage; time.

Comfort is no longer a luxury with Thousand Miles regardless if they’re short journeys traveling within the city or long journeys traveling around the world.


Thousand Miles



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