Wander Around UK Farm: Malaysia’s Largest Leisure Sheep Farm


Located in the outskirts of Kluang City, about 6km away from Ayer Hitam, lies the largest leisure sheep farm in Malaysia – UK Farm. In the recent years, Kluang promoted ecotourism and UK Farm is among the most successful examples of it. Every holidays, many locals and even foreign tourists are attracted at this farm for it offers lots of facilities where you can have a close interactions with small friendly animals.

Boarded minibus in UK Farm



Don’t miss the opportunity to learn while riding a mini-bus in UK Farm. Surely you will have a good and worthy ride as the guide inside the bus introduces and tells the history of the park in a harmonious and friendly tone.

Have a close contact with sheeps and learn how to be a good shepherd

1. Feed mills



Isn’t it that a healthy sheep is a result of proper feeding? Here, fresh grass are being stirred in the machine while a variety of mineral are added to produce the most nutritious milk in the market! In feeding a sheep, there’s a proper nutrients preparation that needs to be followed like adding soybeans, corn and other grain to ensure uniformity.

2. Visit Laos sheep



For sure you will have fun seeing funny and cute Laos sheep sticking out its head from the fence. Furthermore, sheep droppings are being recycled into fertilizers in order to grow large areas of grass, thus help protect the environment.

3. Milking the goats



After seeing how the sheep here are being fed, you shouldn’t also missed to see how they are being milked. Thankfully, UK Farm has a lot of trained staffs that can perform the milking process. The farm gives great health importance and safety by means of keeping all the utensils disinfected. Once the milk are collected, it goes to a processing machine, sterilization, deodorization and other in lined processes before consumption. Surely, this farm has a very delicious and fresh cow’s milk! Ah!

4. Personally fed goats


If you enjoyed feeding the sheep, there’s no way for you to not have fun feeding the goats, too! Aside from this, you will also be informed by the different sheep species and have an understanding about the origin of sheep, like South Africa, Switzerland, India, United States, Brazil and other countries. Too hesitant to feed goats? Don’t worry friends, UK Farm heads each visitor in a good one. Surely you will also like seeing a few months goats in a small flock sucking a pacifier. So cute!

5. UK Farm highlight


Don’t miss to witness the most wonderful view of a large flock of sheep properly aligned and is heading over their cage. Amazing!

Be amazed by ostrich and have fun at horse riding and archery



In addition to sheep and goats, there is also a wide yard of ostrich here! Head over to the very friendly ostrich and feed them! Don’t worry to get bitten for they are toothless so, you won’t feel any pain if ever they playfully bite your fingers. There are also extra charges for additional activities like horse riding, catching sheep, archery, horse-drawn carriage and picking of fruits. UK Farm has a lot of programs to offer to guests.

Picking fresh fruit at Botanical Garden



Got tired with in feeding and watching friendly animals in the farm? There’s another relaxing activity that you may also try – picking of fresh fruits. If you like to eat some, orchards sell freshly plucked fruits.

Experience Aboriginal Culture Village


Have a wonderful aboriginal experience at the tree house in UK Farm. This farm has two tree houses with wooden staircase that allows visitor to climb up.There are also live performances of aboriginal friends on how to make a trap to catch prey and dart.

Spend a night close to nature



Tired yet happy after a day of farm activities? Why not spend a night here and be close to nature even in a short period of time? UK Farm offers a holiday homes that are traditional yet well-equipped, having an air-conditioning, water heaters and the likes. You will not also mind your meal as UK Farm handles all your needs including afternoon tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner. To make the night here more enjoyable, there are night time activities that you can opt to be engaged. This farm accommodates 210 beds and 20 bathrooms which is ideal for low-budget travelers and students.

Buy farm products as best souvenirs




Looking for some really worthy products to be taken home? Well, UK Farm offers great products that are best as souvenirs, including, goat’s milk ice cream, milk and coffee powder. There are also milk lotion available and other manufactured milk. Don’t forget to buy some when you get here!




Be stunned with the prairie scenery, blue sky and the smell of nature at UK Farm! Don’t miss to cherish every moment spent in this place!

Location: Plot 8, Project Pertanian Modern Kluang, KM13 Jalan Batu Pahat, 86000 Kluang, Johor

Tickets: Tickets from RM30++ into play; vacation home support from RM190++ onwards; supporting sheep from RM158++ onwards

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