6 Ideas to Keep Your Closet Organized


Looking for the best way to kill time while you’re at home? Why not go to your room and organize your closet? Here are some ideas to keep your closet organized.


1. Determine your wardrobe type

If your wardrobe consists of different sizes, it would be better to determine the type. Whether it has more cabinets or has more hanging space to help you sort out.


2. Discard unwanted clothes

Many women find it hard to throw their excess clothing, which, in turn, only makes their closet messy. If you belong to this group yet want to achieve an organized closet, then you might as well start discarding unwanted clothes.

Stay: Clothes that you wear repeatedly

Throw: Clothes with quality problems and can’t be worn again

Wait: Clothes that you’re not sure what to match

Those clothes classified as “throw” should be packed and thrown away; do not put it back in the closet for it will only take space.


3. Breakdown clothes by category

One: According to the type of clothes

– Tops (t-shirt, shirts, knitwear, vests, etc.)

– Bottoms (trousers, skirts)

– Coats (long coats, short coats, heavy, thin)

– Accessories (hats, socks, belts, etc.)

Two: According to the color / length of clothes

– From dark to light

– From long to short


4. Learn the storage methods

There are basically two types clothing storage method: hanging method and stacking method

Clothing suitable for hanging:

– Blazers, coats

– Shirts and dresses that are easily wrinkled

Suitable for stacked clothing:

– Knitwear, sweater material

– Underwear

**It is recommended to roll it up and store vertically to save space.


5. Reasonable planning and use of wardrobe space

Aside from dividing the overall space, you can also make use of the local space to organize your clothing. Here are the following storage tools that can help you:

– Storage drawer

– Storage basket / Storage box

– Telescopic rack

– Storage bag

– Multi-purpose hanger / hook

– Vacuum bag

– Packing medicine box (storage for jewelry, small items, etc.)


6. Keep and maintain wardrobe

After organizing your closet, what’s more challenging is keeping it organized. That is why you should make it a habit to maintain your closet. Here are a few things you should ask yourself:

– Do you already have a similar style?

– Can it be matched with your existing items?

– Can I wear it for a long time after I bought it?

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