4 Jaw-Dropping Themed Cafes in Johor Bahru


One of the factors that hook people’s attention to something is its uniqueness from others. As for restaurants and other food stall, owners use their creativity in making their food places more attractive. Most of us have heard on Disney-theme cafes and restaurants, right? And a lot more. And this time, we’ll gonna introduce 4 restaurants that are uniquely themed. Who would have thought that vehicles can also make an amazing decoration theme? Well, they have! Let’s find them out.

1.Car Born Cafe


Image Credit: Car Born Cafe / Facebook

Johor’s first car theme restaurant – Car Born Cafe. I bet car fanatics will enjoy and be amazed by the attractive environment that this cafe has. Antique car parts are used as decoration. There are also all kinds of sports photos, train bar that will make a refreshing distinct car theme.


Image Credit: Car Born Cafe / Facebook

You will only be mesmerized by the cool decorations but also with the creativity put in making their delightful meals. Time to time they are introducing new meals for the customers. Just this July, the store had just offered limited exploding lava toast and popular online desserts!


Image Credit: Car Born Cafe / Facebook

Location: 2012, Jalan Skudai Lama, Taman Tampoi Indah 2, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Hours: Daily, 1:30PM-12:00MN

Contact: +60 7-2980120

2. Café Racer by Grillbar


Image Credit: Café Racer by Grillbar / Facebook

If Car Born Cafe is full of car stuff, Café Racer by Grillbar will be the counterpart of the first one – locomotive. If you are afraid to ride a big bike, don’t be. You can ride one here without any fear. Yes, because it is not moving, though.


Image Credit: Café Racer by Grillbar / Facebook

The owner of this shop has collected motorcycle helmets and antique locomotive for 20 years. There are unique style furnishings which are designed in making this place a paradise for motorcycle enthusiast dinner.


Image Credit: Café Racer by Grillbar / Facebook

Bring your buddy here who is also a fan of locomotive. For sure, you will enjoy the place and the food as well. Try their signature dishes: Classic American Jerk Burger, Onion Blossoms, Grandmama’s Lamb Stew Pie and Ultimate Nachos Sloppy Mexican Chicken. To fully make your stay satisfying, you must also try their popular desserts: Sizzling Brownie and Signature Chocolate Lava.

Location: Jalan Pingai, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Hours: Daily, 11:30AM-11:00PM

Contact: +60 7-335 0000

3. Tiwapa Excavator CAFE


Image Cafe: Tiwapa Excavator CAFE by GRTEXT / Facebook

Have you been in Malaysia’s first ‘hand of God restaurant’? If you don’t know this cafe yet, let us introduce it to you. In Skudai Johor Bahru, you can find Tiwapa Excavator CAFE with a distinctive decoration theme of heavy equipment parts. You can see various shapes and pictures of mini dredger model. Excavations and heavy equipment are used as an ornament that are decorated on the table.8

Image Cafe: Tiwapa Excavator CAFE by GRTEXT / Facebook

They are serving authentic Thai delicacies including scrambled eggs, insects, Thai pineapple chicken, coconut milk and yummy Thai fried noodles.

Location: 96,Jalan Pertama 1,Pusat Perdagangan Danga Utama,, Johor bahru, 81300 Danga Utama, Johor, Malaysia

Hours: Daily, 11:00AM-10:00PM

Contact: +60 7-550 0397

4. Terminal One


How does it feel to dine in a restaurant which looks like a train? Cool, right? Another attractive restaurant with uncommon theme is Terminal One. The name itself will describe everything. Yes. terminal like place which is a very comfortable place to dine at.


Location:  4 Jalan Serampang Taman Pelangi 80400 Johor Bahru

Contact:  + 603-9134 0237 (HQ)

So, if you are sick of the same place you’ve been going to every now and then, make it different this time by visiting one of these unique themed cafes.

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