Taobao: The Perfect Bridal Site Where You Can Find Anything You May Need for the Most Awaited Moment in Your Life!


Wedding, though it is one of the happiest moment a person could experience, also comes with lots of hassle, including wedding preparations, picking of the perfect wedding dress, bridal accessories and other wedding needs. Thanks to Taobao as it is just one click away to purchase anything a bride may need in the wedding. Here are some:

1. Korean long-tailed wedding gown

taobao: long-tailed wedding gown 1

taobao: long-tailed wedding gown 2

2. Spring tattoo long red wedding dress

taobao: long red wedding gown 1

taobao: long red wedding gown 2

taobao: long red wedding gown 3

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wedding makeup artist: jessica tan

3. Personalized wedding invitation

taobao: personalized wedding invitation

taobao: personalized wedding invitation 2

4. Wedding teddy bears as a wedding souvenir

taobao: wedding souvenirs

5. Teddy bear refrigerator stickers as wedding giveaways

taobao: teddy bear refrigerator sticker giveaways

6. Bridesmaid dress

taobao: bridesmaid dress

7. Best man dress / Korean casual long-sleeved shirt

taobao: best man dress

8. Doll bedside lamp

taobao: doll bedside lamp

The following is the arrangement of candy bar and photo area

1. Candy

taoboa: candy

Left figure:

Top right:

Right bottom:

2. Creative photo frame

taobao: photo frame

3. Mini flower bouquet

taobao: mini flower bouquet

Left figure:

Right side:

taobao: flower in a glass

Left figure:

The following are the things that you may need for the wedding

1. Wedding photography props

taobao: wedding photography props

Bottom left figure: red LOVE letters (connected)

Top right: white LOVE letters (connected)

Lower right: big ballon

Top left:

Separated LOVE word (bottom left):

Red LOVE letter (top right):

White LOVE letter (bottom right):

2. Candy box

taobao: candy box

3. 3D Acrylic Wall Stickers

taobao: 3D Acrylic Wall Stickers

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