11 Things You Should Not Microwave [JUST DON’T] 


Microwaves are convenient … if you know how to properly use them. Otherwise, you’re just putting yourself at risk! Be sure to avoid putting these on your microwave to avoid accidents!


1. Eggs

Putting eggs in your microwave is like putting a bomb into it. Microwaves heat so quickly that steam builds up faster than an egg can take on its pores resulting in steam bursting.


2. Plastic and Paper Containers

Is it safe to put a plastic or box container inside a microwave? NO. They cannot withstand high temperatures, the container will deform and melt and release chemicals into your food.


3. Cutlery

If you accidentally put cutlery in your microwave and did not cause a fire, consider yourself lucky. The chance of starting a fire by putting metal inside a microwave is high. 


4. Plastic box

Aside from melting, microwaved plastic containers release cancer-causing chemicals called dioxins into food. 


5. Styrofoam

Styrofoam can also melt inside a microwave, it can even harm your health too!


6. Tomato Paste

Putting tomato paste in a microwave without a lid will just blow out the tomato paste.


7. Paper Bag

THIS WILL CAUSE FIRE. Just don’t do it.


8. Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil belongs to metal, so heating it will likely to cause a fire.


9. Plain Boiled Water

When the temperature of the water is high enough it will splash out and explode.


10. Insulated Bottles

Insulated bottles should not be microwaved. It can cause serious accidents.


11. Fruits

Not all fruits are suitable in the microwave. The high temperature can lessen the vitamin content of the fruits.


What if you left your microwave running empty?

Leaving your microwave running empty will damage the magnetron, without magnetron, your food will not heat properly. You will either repair or replace your microwave when this happens.

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