Shop Till You Drop With SPAO X Sailor Moon Series Debuts This November 24!


The adventure continues as SPAO will be taking us to the moon with their Sailor Moon Crystal 2018! From Adventure Time, now we can get super… not powers, but adorable clothes! There are so many outfits to choose from starting November 24th!

Adorable Simple Sailor Moon T-Shirts!

Something casual? Go for these simple yet adorable T-Shirt series! It comes in different colors with a neon imprint of Moon Crystal Power! In case you want a more simple look, there are shirts with cute sailor moon logo!

Playful campus outfits!

If you’re a school gal or a wannabe, then these cute long sleeves with bow ribbons and plaid clothes are best for your style!

Get your winsome new skirts and dress!

Who wouldn’t want to get a piece or two of these printed skirts and dresses? They all look equally winning! There are four colors available for the skirt with Sailor Moon logo! While for the dresses, you can between long sleeves, short sleeves, or sleeveless!

Sleep soundly with these PJs and sweatpants!

Sweater weather? Sailor Moon Pajamas and sweatpants got you covered! There are sweaters, hoodies, and knitted jackets to choose!

Backpacking in style!

Complete your OOTD with these Sailor Moon inspired backpacks! You can use it or give as a gift to your loved ones this Christmas!

Shop and win limited edition gifts!

1. Buy SPAO X Sailor Moon to win!

* subject to T & C, first come first serve basis *

2. For every single receipt worth RM199 and above, you can get limited edition SPAO X Sailor Moon Crystal Moonlight tote bag, portable mirror, and hologram stickers!

*SPAO Paradigm Mall JB has only 180 sets so far*

SPAO Paradigm Mall JB

Location: GF & UGF, Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru

Business Hours: 10AM – 10PM

Facebook Page:


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