8 Things to Do Before Going to Bed for Cozy Sleep!


Eating a balanced diet is essential to the body but if your body is deprived of sleep, it is still useless! If you’re suffering from insomnia or other sleep-related concerns, doing these might help you! 


1. Comb Your Hair

Combing your hair can stimulate head points, promote metabolism, and improve blood circulation. It also improves our body’s immunity and prevents insomnia! You may comb your hair no more than 3 minutes at night or at least 5-10 minutes if you suffer from insomnia.


2. Stretch Out

Proper stretching of the body regulates blood circulation and balance internal organs!


3. Rub Your Belly

Lie flat on the bed, rub your belly around the navel in a clockwise direction for dozens of times


4. Gallbladder Knock

Detoxify your gall bladder by tapping four key points in your thigh area twice per second! It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the acupuncture points, you just tap your thigh evenly but be sure not to over tap it.


5. Take a Foot Bath!

Soaking your feet with warm water before going to bed promotes blood circulation and accelerates your metabolism!


6. Ear Pinching

Massage the tip of your ear to the earlobe for 10-20 minutes! Rubbing your ears can regulate the function of your organs!


7. Beat Your Back!

Slowly beat your back before sleeping! Doing this may help you stimulate your back tissue, acupuncture points, and even promote blood circulation throughout your body. This will also alleviate muscle tension and backache from watching TV for a long period of time! It also relaxes the muscle, relieves fatigue, calms you down and good for sleeping.


8. Pat Your Calf

Pat your calf before bed not! It does not only relaxes your muscles but it also avoids leg cramps at night!

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