【 Highlights of Johor Economic Stimulus Package 3.0: RM40mil to Purchase Covid-19 Vaccines . Allowance to Be Allocated! 】


The Johor government has announced its third economic stimulus package of RM241 million in order to overcome its Covid-19 pandemic management and provide financial assistance to the people.

Datuk Hasni Mohammad, the Menteri Besar of Johor, stated that RM75 million was committed to boost its pandemic management efforts, with RM40 million would be used to purchase Covid-19 vaccines to allow more people in Johor to be vaccinated.

Allowances received by various industries:

Government school canteen operators: RM500 allowance

Hairdresser: RM500 allowance

School buses drivers: RM500 allowance

e-Kasih beneficiaries: RM500 allowance

Unemployed individual during the epidemic: RM500 allowance

Head of kampong village: RM500 allowance

Units of the Johor Cultural Institution: RM1000 allowance

10 Majlis Kebudayaan Daerah: RM1000 allowance

Art activities operator: RM500 allowance

Media practitioners (especially those which promote the statewide COVID-19 information): RM500 allowance

Small and medium enterprises registered under Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan: RM500 allowance, including hawkers, morning market hawkers and so on.

Budget hotel operator: RM2000 allowance

Homestay operator: RM1000 allowance

Tourism sector operators registered under MOTAC: RM1000 allowance

Tourist driver: RM1000 allowance

Volunteers of Southern Volunteers participating in the service of the Johor Covid-19 Vaccination Centre: RM50 allowance

 Group B40: RM200 shopping voucher

Special grants:

The government allocated RM1,000,000 to the Johor Family Development Foundation. The beneficiaries included: counselling, clinics, psychology web seminars and more, expected to help 10,000 people in need

The Sultan of Johor, Ibrahim Ismail allocated RM2,000,000 to assist the residents of Johor to obtain the RM100 food basket plan

The government allocates RM8,000,000 for the “Food Truck Project”

The government allocates RM 100,000 to KFC meal coupons worth RM20 for students, orphans and senior citizens

The government will provide school equipment assistance to all schools in Johor Bahru.

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