LTA to Implement Autopass Card Online Application from 2020


Starting in 2020, the Singapore government will only accept online applications for Autopass Cards.

All foreign-registered vehicles driving to Singapore must have a valid Autopass Card. The card serves as an electronic Vehicle Entry Permit, which is used to record your vehicle’s entry into Singapore. It is also used to pay all entry and exit fees when driving your vehicle out of Singapore. Using an Autopass Card belonging to another vehicle is not allowed since each Autopass Card contains the vehicle’s road tax and insurance expiry date that is linked to a vehicle.

From 2020, it is not possible to apply at the checkpoint site. All motorists who want to drive to Singapore must submit their application online.

Online Application Form:

Please bring the following relevant documents:

  • ID / Passport
  • Work Pass / Residence Permit issued by the Singapore Government (*if held)
  • Vehicle insurance certificate 
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (*English translation document required if not in English)

You will receive an email upon successful application.  When entering or exiting Singapore via the Tuas Woodlands Checkpoint, you can pay the applicable fees by simply inserting your Autopass Card into the card reader in the immigration booths.

For more details, please refer to

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