【 Summary and Highlights of PM Announcement: RM40 Billion Pemerkasa+ Aid Package 】


Prime Minister announced PEMERKASA+ aid package worth RM40 billion to help citizens that were affected by the lockdown and the pandemic


Bantuan Prihatan Rakyat(BPR)

Household income

  • RM500 will be provided to those with household income less than RM2500
  • RM300 for households with monthly income between RM2,501 and RM5,000.

Single Individual

  • RM100 will be provided for single individual with income less than RM2500.


Salaries will not be given to Ministers and Deputy Ministers for 3 months

From June 2021, the salaries of ministers and deputy ministers will be channeled back to into the support fund for three months.


3 month automatic loan moratorium extension

For B40 group, qualifying SMEs that are not authorised to operate during the MCO and individuals who lost their employment:

  • would get a three-month automatic loan moratorium or a 50% payment decrease for six months.


RM40 billion Pemerkasa+ Aid Package

3 main objectives:

  1. Increase the capacity of the public healthcare system
  2. Continue the ‘Prihatin’ Rakyat agenda
  3. Support the business sectors

1 billion allocated to improve public health

450 million additional beds and ICU equipment
550 million to support the management and operation of COVID-19 (including drugs, reagents, appointment of contract officials, and isolation center operations)


The government arranges transportation for vaccination

Government would arrange transportation for elderly people and people in remote areas for vaccination.


Allocate 1 billion for taxi and buses services

  • defer loan repayment for 12 months
  • Or extend the loan period by 36 months
  • Taxi drivers, school bus drivers, ride hailing drivers and tour guides who are affected during this lockdown period will be given a one-off RM500.


Allocate 1.5 billion to the Wage Subsidy Program (PSU)

  • One month wage subsidy worth RM1.5 billion for eligible employees and employers


Geran Khas Prihatin (GKP)

  • Increase the RM1000 aid fund to RM1500
  • 1 million micro businesses are expected to get benefited
  • Received RM1000 in mid of June
  • Received RM500 in July


Assistance for micro SMEs 

  • National Savings Bank
  • SME Corp
  • MARA
  • YaPEIM

Provide a total loan of 1.5 billion with a 3% repayment interest rate.


Appropriate 68 million to assist tour guides and transportation operators

  • Tourist guide
  • On-call driver
  • Taxi driver
  • School bus driver
  • Bus driver

 One-time RM500 assistance will be given in July 2021.


10% discount on electricity bills for affected industries

Hotels, tourism agencies, shopping malls, convention centers, theme parks, and local airline offices will all receive a 10% discount on electricity bills for a period of 3 months, from July to September.

Extended Home Ownership Campaign (HOC)

Stamp duty exemption extended until December 31


Sales tax will also be waived for new CKD and CBU passenger vehicles

from Jun 30 till Dec 31, 2021.

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