10 Creative Ways to Elevate the Style of Your Room!


Your room is your comfort zone. This isn’t just a place to sleep but your fortress at home where you can recharge, get peace of mind, and a whole lot more! Better to keep your space cozy by elevating its design!


1. Adding green plants

Adding green plants in your room makes it more cozy and refreshing. Simulated plants are not demanding unlike other plants that need constant water and fertilization, simulated plants are not just beautiful but can last for a longer period of time without your hands getting dirty!


2. Grid

Having a grid on your wall is both practical and attractive. You can add different ornaments to it or hang your favorite photos, calendars, or other small ornaments!


3. Paintings or drawings

You don’t need to buy expensive arts to make your room aesthetic, just simple drawings will do.


4. Mirror

A mirror is always a staple in every room. Having a full-length mirror can make your room look spacious, ideal in checking your OOTDs, and a good piece of aesthetic too!


5. Scented candles

Ahh… the aromatic scent of scented candles can make anyone feel so relax! In addition, it also a good piece to put in your desks!


6. Dry flowers

If adding real flowers can be time-consuming and demanding, why not hang dry flowers? It’s just all about creativity!


7. Lights

In every IG-worthy room, there are these sparkly lights hanging on the wall! It’s dreamy and super romantic!


8. Shelf

Placing a shelf in your room to store things is a clever idea to store your things and save space!


9. Artistic Cloth

Aside from paintings and drawings, the colorful artistic cloth is an ideal alternative to hang in your wall!


10. Carpet

A fluffy cottony carpet is such a lovely piece of decor to place on your plain floor!

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