【 Things You Must Know About PSU 3.0 Application! Application Opens Until 31st July 2021! 】


The government launched the Wage Subsidy Scheme PSU 3.0 to benefit businesses affected by the lockdown. This plan will help employers to pay their employees’ salaries, and each employee will receive a monthly salary subsidy of RM600, which is expected to benefit 220,000 employers and 2.5 million employees.

According to the Social Security Organisation (PERKESO), if the employer has already applied for PSU 3.0 under the Belanjawan 2021, PERMAI or PEMERKASA programmes, the employer do not need to submit another application under the PEMERKASA+ plan.

【 Need to submit a new application 】
If there is changes in business or the number of employees, you need to update the information under the PSU system within 15 days, otherwise you may be subject to legal sanctions.

【 Do not need to submit new application 】
Have applied for PSU 3.0 under Belanjawan 2021, PERMAI or PEMERKASA program

【Those who have not applied for PSU 3.0 before】
Applications can be submitted from now until July 31, 2021

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