JOB ALERT: Job Openings in Hot Pot Restaurants September 20th – September 26th


Looking for a job close to your heart? Unveil your new journey at these hot pot restaurants!

Just a friendly reminder, please contact the store for more information!

1. 好好海鲜火锅之家 hoho Steamboat Southkey

2. 围锅鼎尊 Wei Guo Ding Zun Restaurant 自助火锅

3. 秦朝火锅

4. Hot Pot Shabu Shabu食火锅

5. 创世纪火锅料理

6. 海天捞自助火锅

7. 好一家海鲜火锅餐厅

8. Itako Modern Shabu Shabu Permas Jaya

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